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Frequently Asked Questions


Due to the current situation our lead times may vary from those stated. Please be assured that we are working as hard as we can, observing all government guidelines for safe working practice, with minimum staff, to produce and deliver your order via our courier service. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience. Stay safe and keep well. 

Q. What is the product lead time?

The product lead time is; the time between the initiation and completion of a production process. The UK Glass lead time products  vary depending on the item order, and is stated on the ordering page of the website. Any specific glass types that have a longer lead time will be highlighted during the ordering process.

Q. Is the glass safe to handle?

Glass purchased from UK Glass Centre is usually toughened glass (as opposed to float glass). We use EN 12150 compliant toughened glass. Toughened glass smashes into small fragments rather than large, jagged pieces to minimise risk of injury. If no edgework has been requested we cannot guarantee the aesthetic look of the glass edges, and is not grounds for a refund. We recommend that if the edges are going to be visible then select polished edges. If the glass is going into a frame then arrissed edges will suffice. All of our glass comes with arrissed edges (sharp edges removed) as standard for handling purposes. We always advise caution when handling glass.

Q. What is toughened glass?

Toughened, tempered or safety glass has been through a process which makes it 4-5 times stronger than float/annealed/non toughened glass. It is typically used in applications such as balconies, stairs and balustrades. Toughened glass breaks into small square pieces when broken. We always advise caution when handling glass.

Q. What is Annealed/Float Glass?

Float glass is the most common glass type. Care should be taken when choosing locations for its use as when it breaks there is a high risk of injury. When broken the glass has jagged shards which can cause serious injury. If in doubt please ask if float glass is suitable for the purpose of your installation. We always advise caution when handling glass.

Q. What is a RAL colour code and where can I get one?

RAL colour codes are used for information defining standard colours. They can usually be found on paint samples and colour codes from most major brands and colour cards from DIY and home stores or here. The RAL code ensures the closest possible match to the colour you choose. Please be take care when typing in a RAL code. It must be correct in order to produce the correct colour for your product.

Q. Will the Splashback colour be an exact match?

If you choose a custom colour, we will give the closest match to your chosen colour. For standard colours, please be aware that different screens have different resolutions and therefore colours may vary. UK Glass Centre will supply accurate images for colours and products and are not liable for any variants of colour due to the screen resolution.

Q. Do you send samples of Splashbacks for colour match?

Our bespoke Splashbacks are made to custom/RAL colour closest match. We can supply a sample, however, the lead time will be that same as our bespoke glass service. 

Q. How do I install a splashback?

To install a coloured glass splashback; ensure the wall surface is clean and flat. Measure the area to ensure you find the centre or desired placement. Apply masking tape to the work surface to keep any silicone from marking it. Allow at least 2 cm clearance from worktop or oven hob and apply a bead of silicone for the splashback to sit on. You will need to use adhesive and an adhesive- gun to apply glue to the back of the splashback. Gently place splashback into place and then push firmly onto the wall. Leave for a few hours before sealing the edges of the splashback with silicone. Please note you cannot fix a clear splashback with adhesive, as the adhesive will be visible from behind the glass. If installing a clear glass splashback screw hoes will need to have been drilled prior to purchase.

Q. What condition should the fixing wall be in order to attach mirror, shelf or splashback glass?

In order to secure the best fixings for glass, your wall should be clean, and dry with any bumps smoothed and cracks filled leaving a clean, flat, dry surface.

Q. What is low iron glass?

The iron content naturally found in glass gives it a greenish tint. Low iron glass has lower iron content giving a clear whiter appearance to the glass. Low iron glass is a great solution for using with coloured/painted glass, glass screens, doors and shower screens as it is more translucent allowing the true colour of the painted glass or background to come through.

Q. Is it ok to use glass and mirror products in wet environments such as bathrooms or wet rooms?

All of our glass is suitable to use in wet environments, however, the edges of the glass and mirror must be sealed with silicone to ensure that no moisture seeps in as this will result in the backing peeling off.

Q. What is low iron glass?

Low iron glass has a whiter appearance than clear glass where this has a greener appearance. By lowering the iron in the glass the glass becomes a clearer colour offering a higher degree of transparency. Low iron glass is a great solution for using coloured/painted glass, glass screens, doors and shower screens as it is clearer and more translucent therefore giving a truer colour of the painted glass and background.

Q. Where do you deliver and install products?

We deliver to mainland UK, including Isles of Scilly, Channel Islands, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man and Northern Ireland. Unfortunately, we cannot fit and install the products which you have purchased with UK Glass Centre.

Q. Do you make and deliver window glass units?

UK Glass Centre is part of the Cornwall Glass group who are the South West’s leading manufacturers of double and triple glazed units. UK Glass don’t currently sell glass units online, due to size and weight restrictions on delivery, but if you email us your details and requirement, we will be very happy to introduce you to your nearest Cornwall Glass, branch, location who may be able to assist.

Q. What do I do if the items arrive damaged or incorrect?

If the items are damaged  upon arrival, or if you open your parcel to discover your order is incorrect, you can either refuse delivery stating clearly that the item/s are damaged/incorrect. Alternatively, you can accept delivery or if you've already accepted delivery, you can contact us no later than 48 hours. 

You can contact us either via email info@ukglasscentre.co.uk or telephone 0333 200 4922. We will require taking a photograph of the damaged goods and packaging.  We will arrange for the item/s to be picked up where possible. We will cover the cost of the courier and offer you a replacement or a full refund.

Q. The question I need answered isn't listed?

We know that sometimes things aren't straight forward so we are always happy to help and advise. You can contact us either via email info@ukglasscentre.co.uk or telephone 0333 200 4922.